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Delight of the senses, relaxation of the mind and rest for the body!

You are longing for relaxation and you want to forget about the cares of the day… - leave the everyday program and come to enjoy a true holiday. You have got alone; the children are in a holiday camp or in the countryside. It means more spare time for you and your spouse. Take advantage of this time and take a retreat at Vila Elim, 10 km from Oradea – between 1Mai and Felix Spa, where you will find rest, calm, peace and relaxation! Fill your mind with memories for the whole year, visiting the city of Oradea or enjoying the pleasure sites around Vila Elim. The swimming pools with thermal water – well known for its wonderful effects for body’s health – from Felix and 1 Mai Spa, are appropriate for your relaxation and a good cure of health. We are willing to show you the beauties of Oradea, but without its noise disturbing your holiday. In the beginning, we want to help you with some interesting and useful pieces of information about the touristic attractions worthy to be taken into account… if you are very here. Don’t skip this chapter, because we want to introduce to you other interesting and very beautiful sites, worthy to pay a visit to, which are set in the vicinity of Vila Elim. Who said that Romania is not beautiful? Have we convinced you that you deserve to be rewarded with a dream like holiday? Then come to Vila Elim and we are sure that we will be in the top of your preferences list for the next year. Try something new, try Vila Elim!

Begin the married life in a fairy like atmosphere!
Enjoy the honeymoon in a fairy ambience. Spend the first moments of your family life at Vila Elim in a room specially designed for you two! Your hosts took into account each detail in order to provide you a lasting impression! We offer you the opportunity to choose how to spend your time and the great variety of options should satisfy the preferences of every married couple. You may start your day walking together in the breeze of the wind on the grasslands surrounding Vila Elim, on horseback or on foot. You may visit the touristic attractions, you may relax taking a bath in the thermal water from Felix or 1 Mai Spa or you may walk in the park of Felix. Here, you may see the natural reserve of water lilies, where you can admire one of the natural wonders, met only in Egypt, on the Nil’s shore. If you want to feel the adventure’s taste, you may challenge your spouse to a carting race. You may visit Oradea or the touristic attractions from the surroundings, 1 Mai and Felix Spa and finish your day with a romantic dinner at Elim, so the next day you may start again. We are looking forward to meeting you and we assure you that we will do our best for you to enjoy these special days. May you live long and happy!

Offer your family a wonderful holiday!
Spend an unforgettable period of time at Vila Elim together with your children. Give your children the opportunity to spend a wonderful time near the dearest persons of the world and we will make you sure that they won’t be bored. It’s high time that your family built a strong relation and gathered memories to remember later. At Vila Elim, this thing is very possible. The children’s swimming pools from 1 Mai and Felix Spa, the horses and the ponies will be the reasons for a dream like holiday. Forget the rumors of the city for to feel the restful and invigorating pulse of the nature, enjoying a great time with your family. We are sure that children will feel enthusiastic about carting races, riding and swimming pools and even you will feel the joy of being child again. Invest your time in what is priceless on this earth: your family, your children. Come to Vila Elim and they will say thank you!

Are you looking for the ideal place to organize conferences or seminars?
We know that brilliant ideas appear when working in groups and if you want to turn it into reality, Vila Elim offers you the appropriate place for you and your business partners. 10 km far from Oradea, between Felix and 1 Mai Spa, at Vila Elim, you may rush from the crowd and the stress of the city and you can spend a wonderful time with your co-workers. We are preoccupied to satisfy your needs, so we invite you to organize conferences or business seminars in a place specially designed for it. Have a weekend as long as a holiday or even as a year, conceiving new and profitable plans or improving your group’s skills through different trainings. Don’t forget that you prepare to gain a profit, if you invest in your team. Turn a daily boring schedule into a wonderful time with a lasting effect for future. How does it sound to you – to organize a brainstorming meeting with your business fellows in a relaxing place? Because we want that our offer be more attractive, we give you the hall free of charge and you will pay only the appetizer. After the great ideas were conceived, you may enjoy this success together with your fellow mates, colleagues or businessmen. Football, carting, paintball or riding a horse are some of the options we offer you in order to reward you for your intellectual efforts. At Vila Elim, brilliant ideas wait for you only to discover them!

Do you want high quality services for your partners?
Do you look for a special place to meet your partners or do you want to offer them a special accommodation? Do you want to have a dinner accompanied by high standard services and a nice atmosphere? We are the answer to your questions! Vila Elim always waits for to welcome you! Vila Elim is situated between Felix and 1 Mai Spa, 10 km from Oradea. Your hosts offer you the best conditions, so your accommodation will be unforgettable. Add pleasure to business, spending a wonderful time with your partners. We offer you high quality services of accommodation which could satisfy the most exigent expectations. We create the frame for your discussions to be profitable!

Put a solid basis to your group’s relations, offering it a lasting memory!
How long ago have you spent a special time together with your friends? Consolidate the relations with your group spending a wonderful time at Vila Elim. Located between Felix and 1 Mai Spa, Vila Elim was specially designed to offer you the rest and the relaxation you need. Situated in a rustic and picturesque landscape, Vila Elim offers you the possibility to pay a visit to the touristic attractions that you cannot skip while the holiday at Vila Elim. Enjoy the natural beauties together with your group and fill your soul with everlasting memories. This is the reason for what we prepared challenging activities which may play a great part in consolidating your group’s relations. Do involve your friends in activities like carting, paintball, riding, football (on a synthetic turf) – and you will have many stories to tell home. We want you have a great time here, so all the prices including these activities are preferential for our guests. The relaxation, the entertainment and the pastime get on well at Vila Elim! We think that these are the needs of your group!

Vila Elim doesn't sell alcoholic drinks
At Vila Elim, smoking is not allowed
only in the special designed areas!